The Bermuda Cayman Recruitment Service

    Why settle for less when it comes to your career?

    The Bermuda Cayman Recruitment Service Limited is a leading audit and accounting recruitment agency that specializes
    in recruiting accounting and other finance professionals from around the world to work in offshore jobs in Bermuda, the
    Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bahamas and elsewhere in the Caribbean.  We also have a sister
    company called International Financial Recruitment Ltd. which specializes in recruiting accountants from around the
    world to work in locations including Ireland, Australia and the Channel Islands.  If you are interested in one of these
    locations, please feel free to contact us through this site or our sister site at

    About Us

    The Bermuda Cayman Recruitment Service Limited is OWNED AND OPERATED BY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS WHO HAVE
    LIVED AND WORKED IN THE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTING ENVIRONMENT in Big Four Accounting firms and industry.  Our
    recruitment professionals have all worked as accountants/auditors in offshore captive insurance, investment funds, hedge
    funds and private equity funds and these personal experiences set us apart from other recruitment agencies in our ability
    to help professionals find suitable offshore accounting jobs.  It enables us to be more efficient and effective in our
    placement services and gives us a superior edge over our competitors.

    Our Mission

    We aim to deliver high quality, specialized recruitment service to all of our candidates and clients.  We aim to establish
    long-term relationships with each of our candidates and will advise you accurately on the career benefits, relocation
    process, financial benefits of a tax free haven and personal benefits of living in an island paradise. We aim to provide you
    with full assistance from the time we receive your resume to the point you arrive in the offshore destination of your choice
    to begin work.

    Our Clients

    We have a very large client base including accounting firms, fund managers, captive insurance managers, insurance
    companies and other offshore companies, searching for potential candidates to fill job openings within their
    firms/companies/organizations.  Our client base includes the Big Four accounting firms, some Big Ten accounting firms
    and international financial institutions and banks.

    Offshore Accounting Jobs

    Thinking about working offshore?  We have a wide range of exciting offshore job opportunities.  There are thousands of
    international businesses registered in offshore locations including Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands
    (BVI) and Bahamas.  These islands cannot meet the employment needs of their expanding global economies and as such
    there is an extremely high demand for fund administrators and newly qualified chartered accountants to more
    experienced accountants (CA, CPA, ACA, ACCA, CGA) to work with some of the largest accounting and financial service
    providers in the world.

    Benefits to living and working offshore in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, BVI, Bahamas and other areas of the Caribbean:

  • Attractive Tax-free Salary - salaries are generally higher, income tax free and have minimal deductions.  
    Compensation packages range from about US$70,000 to around US$80,000 for newly qualified Chartered
    Accountants, US$95,000 plus for audit managers, US$70,000 plus for Fund Administration and Captive Insurance
    Managers and US$120,000 plus for Actuaries depending on the location and the employer.  You will find you have
    more disposable income and can save for the future as well by working in an offshore tax-free jurisdiction such as
    Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands (BVI) or elsewhere in the Caribbean.

  • Increased Quality of Life - Experience living life to its fullest!  The financial sectors of the islands generally have a
    work-hard, play-hard environment and you will find yourself making new friends from all over the world.  You will
    be able to enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities all year round on the islands including golfing on world class
    golf courses, squash, tennis, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, boating, sailing, football, soccer,
    rugby and name a few!.

  • Valuable International Work Experience - you will have the opportunity to gain valuable international work
    experience in an offshore accounting job leading to excellent career prospects.  You will have the opportunity to
    gain great exposure to multinational companies, US GAAP, Canadian GAAP, UK GAAP and IFRS (International
    Financial Reporting Standards).  You will also have the opportunity to gain experience in financial services, whether
    that be insurance, fund accounting, banking or other.  Extensive training is provided by employers and current
    experience in these industries, while beneficial, is not required.

  • Excellent Career Progression - whether you chose to work in public accounting or industry, you will have superior
    opportunities for advancement and long term career growth.  Newly qualified accountants starting out in public
    accounting have the opportunity for advancement to manager or to progress to the business sector.

  • Professional Development - you will be given the opportunity to not only build upon what you have learned in the
    past, but also grow your leadership skills in a stimulating and dynamic offshore work environment.

    Why settle for less when it comes to your career?  You shouldn’t!  Take your career to the next level…and beyond.  We’re
    here to work with you every step of the way in finding your dream career opportunity offshore, building your career…your
    future!  Please follow these links to contact us for further information or to apply online.
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